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Better Places for Work Programme - Skirsgill Office Accommodation

Category: Commercial

Atkinson Building Contractors carried out the remodelling and refurbishment of Block N to form offices including re-roofing, installation of new heating system and minor ancillary external works.

To improve the thermal performance and appearance of the existing building, the existing roof cladding was removed and replaced in sections, protecting the condition of the internal element. Once sections had been re-roofed, the re-modelling and refurbishment works could continue and therefore reducing the overall duration.

Within the works, there was a requirement for contractor elements, namely, structural steelwork, telecommunication systems, fire and security alarm installation. This placed greater emphasis on the sub-contractor we chose to undertake these works.

Client: Cumbria County Council
Completion: November 2013
Contract: Remodelling and refurbishment
Architect: Architects Plus, Carlisle
Value: £360,000
Size: 390m
Duration: 16 Weeks
Procurement: Selective competitive tendering

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