1st Sep 2021

Meet the newest member of our team!

We had the pleasure of “The Boss” – Amedeo and his family coming to our site at White Ox Way, Penrith.

Amedeo has been keeping a close eye on our lads from his home near our new development and has regularly looked through the security fencing on site to ensure they are keeping up the good work.

Neighbour of Amedeo, Joyce White asked us if we could help out and allow him to come onto site and have a sit on some of the plant, as the family have been so good to her after her husband Robin passed away suddenly in January this year.

Safe to say he had a fab visit, and we were very happy to have had him as part of our team today. When we asked Amedeo what he wanted to do when is older, he said he wants to be a builder!!!

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